I would have never imagined that my little girl would ever need chiropractic care. She had been jumping on the trampoline with friends when all of this started.

She complained of pain right after jumping but it seemed to get better in a day or two. Then every once in awhile she would say that her lower back hurts and it was always in the same place.

Our family doctor said that she probably just strained the muscles and it should go away pretty soon. Well, two months went by and the same thing was still there but more frequent.

Our neighbor suggested you and thought that it may be helpful. I appreciate the way you handled her case. You made her feel comfortable and assured her and me that this would not hurt.

You examined her spine and found that she was “jammed” at the bottom of her spine near the tail-bone. You adjusted her with an instrument and after a few adjustments her complaints subsided to where she no longer complains.

She now plays on the trampoline and is having fun again!

Thank You!


Sara’s Mom