Natural Health


Our mission at the Wellness Center is to unleash the body’s healing potential!

In everything we do, we think differently.  We challenge the status quo by utilizing chiropractic care and nutritional therapy, along with recommending natural products that are safer, less expensive, and more effective than traditional healthcare options.

At your first visit to the Wellness Center you will receive a thorough chiropractic and neurological examination  (and x-rays if determined necessary) to determine structural and neurological imbalances and to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

To ensure “Three Dimensional-Care” (structural care for balancing the musculoskeletal system, functional neurology for brain-based balancing, and functional medicine for systemic balancing), the Wellness Center also offers nutritional counseling.  We utilize a symptoms questionnaire as well as lab tests that are reviewed from a functional standpoint.  Functional Medicine includes ordering more specific lab tests as well as looking at the results from a functional reference range, which is typically narrower than the medical reference range in order to catch underlying issues earlier.

We will then equip you with your personal lifestyle change plan that will teach you how to best “fuel” your body, including supplement recommendations and action steps.

Here at the Wellness Center we utilize supplements from Metagenics, Standard Process, and Designs for Health.  For a complete Wellness Lifestyle we utilize products from doTERRA.  If you would like to learn more about each company, follow the links to your right or give us a call, we are happy to answer any questions you might have!